Audit Insulation to Lower Utility Bills

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Every household faces a big headache every month. This is when the mail comes and they get to see the bills from various utility companies. Utility bills are no joke. They tend to sum up to a hefty amount of money and it can consume a big bulk of the monthly budget. This is why considering strategies to know how to lower utility bills is an important matter.

There are many ways to lower your monthly utility bills and save money. First, audit your energy bills to make sure that you are getting a competitive rate on your energy supply. The energy professionals at American Power & Gas can help you with your bills. Second, turn your attention to your home. To get started you need to take time to inspect the whole house and see the options that you have. Audit your household, particularly the insulation. See the various changes that you can do to make energy use more efficient. This will be of big significance to your family in the years to come.

Audit InsulationAudit insulation

Audit insulation requires proper evaluation of the different factors in the household that contribute to energy use. This focuses on areas that don’t need the use of energy. Windows and doors are examples of spots where use of insulation is difficult. Knowing what these elements are will help you effectively determine how to maximize their use with the least amount of energy needed. This means being more efficient in your energy consumption so that money won’t be wasted. Never underestimate the importance of auditing your insulation system.


Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are areas that you have to double check for leaks. Your heating or cooling system will exhaust more energy if these areas are problematic. Be sure that your doors and windows are energy efficient. You can have these checked by feeling the temperature in the areas outside. You can also get a contractor to conduct tests for other possible leaks. You can also take into account other areas like the basement and crawlspaces.


Attics are normally seen as another storage room for old things. Still, don’t underestimate their role. Attics should have vents to maintain good circulation. You don’t need to add insulation here if the circulation is good enough. Be sure that there are no holes in the ceiling where air can escape from the attic. Sealing the possible holes can save you a big bulk of your energy consumption.

Warm your feetFireplaces

The fireplace is a typical element for houses that go through colder climates. It is primarily used to get the smoke out of the house. However, they can pose problems, especially when not in use. The fireplace can continue to direct out the heat even if you don’t plan that. If it does, then your heating system will require more energy in order to sustain the requirements of the household. Be sure that your flue is closed when not in use. When this is left open, the heat in your house will leak out.

Once you have called American Power & Gas about your energy supply and audited the insulation in your household you will be ready for the colder weather coming. Make sure you have taken care of your home so it can take care of you this winter. Securing the proper insulation in areas in the house is one effective way to lower your utility bills and save more for the family. Look for more energy saving winterizing tips from the experts at American Power & Gas.

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Fall Home Energy Savings Tips: Preparing for Winter

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Whether you like it or not and whether you are prepared or not, winter is coming. It is not the time to sit on your couch and wait for it to come like doomsday; it is time to make sure you are prepared!

Winter Forest

Winter means one thing: cold air. But for those who are conscious enough to notice, winter means larger electric bills. Yes, it is true. Winter is the season of the year where your electric bills skyrocket. Why? It’s simple. We need to keep our homes warm. Our home should be the right temperature to make us comfortable. The modern way to do this is by turning on our heating system. This consumes the biggest portion of our electric bill. Fortunately, we have the whole fall season to prepare for it. To prepare means that we must have the right tools and proper information on how to save during the coming season.

Your energy supplier– Check your electric bill and call American Power & Gas to have an explanation of the delivery and supply charges. Also, speak with an American Power & Gas representative about your options with money-saving energy or earth-saving green energy.

Chimney SweepThe fireplace – Getting your fireplace ready will certainly lead to better savings; and fall is the best time to clean and repair our fireplace. Make sure that the dumper is tightly sealed when not in use. A small space would let the cold air rush in and send the warm air out. If you are using an electric heating system, an opening on the fireplace would mean more work to maintain the warmth. Let a professional contractor to do the proper maintenance. They are capable of properly securing your fireplace. When you decide to use the fireplace, you can turn down your heater. Doing this can save you as much as 8% on your heating costs.

The duct – Small leaks on duct will certainly result in heat loss, so make sure that this is regularly checked. Usually ducts are located on unheated places, which is another reason why heat is lost. Insulate the ducts by wrapping it with R-6 or higher fiberglass. Never use cloth-backed tapes. You can also wrap them with UL-approved metallic or plastic tapes and mastic sealants. Leaking ducts create 30% more work for your heating system, so make sure they are sealed and secured.

The furnace – The furnace will put in extra effort if the filter is full of dirt. This will equate to energy waste since the furnace will consume more power against the service it brings. To avoid this, make sure that your filter is clean. The owner’s manual will tell you how to clean the filter. A clean filter will let you breathe clean air around your house. As a bonus, a clean filter saves you 5% on heating costs.

Living RoomThe solar heat – You do not need to have solar panels on your roof to use the sun as the source of heat. All you have to do is open your drapes during the day to warm your room without using electricity. Make sure that you close them at night to keep the warm air inside. Reduction of the use of heating system during the day will let you cut as much as 10% on your electric consumption.

The openings – Openings on your doors, windows, joints, and sills will let the cold air from outside in and the warm air from the inside out. Make sure that these openings are sealed with either sealant or weather-stripping. It will help reduce the work of the heating system immensely.

The thermostat – A programmable thermostat or a centralized heating system will let you save on heating costs. The programmable thermostat will let you set your desired room Water Heatertemperature for a specific period of the day. This is useful if you are leaving your home or are going to sleep elsewhere.
The centralized heating system, on the other hand, will give you the ultimate control on the temperature of every room. These will let you decide how warm a room could be. One interesting thing to note is that a centigrade lower on your heating system will save you as much as 5% on your heating cost.

The water heater
– Households can set the heating system between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is ideal on both mobile homes and regular homes.

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